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Fischer's Favorite Stadiums

Posted on: March 4, 2011 11:08 am

Posted by Bryan Fischer

In college football, more than any other sport, the stadiums can be just as memorable as the games played within them. So as CBS Sports takes a look at the best stadiums that college football has to offer, the bloggers here at Eye On College Football share their three favorite stadiums in the country. 

1. The Cotton Bowl (Dallas, TX, capacity 92,100) When the fried beer, fried corndogs and fried oreos outside the stadium are just as good as the football inside the stadium, you know you've arrived at pretty special place.

Best known to most fans for hosting the annual Red River Rivalry game between Texas and Oklahoma every fall, the Cotton Bowl has a rich and illustrious history with several teams. SMU's home for decades, it was Doak Walker who first brought tens of thousands of cheering fans down to Fair Park before the famous Dallas Cowboys started to call the place home. The Red River Rivalry - still called the shootout and not rivalry by most Texas and Oklahoma fans - is what makes the stadium special despite being one of the oldest in the country. Seeing the fans split right down the middle at the 50 yard line is a sight to behold, as is hearing the dueling 'Texas Fight' and 'Boomer Sooner' cheers. With the Texas State Fair going on outside, walking by the white facade with the 'Cotton Bowl' lettering gives every college football fan a few chills.

2. Kyle Field (College Station, TX, capacity 83,000) The state of Texas likes football. Go to a game at Kyle Field and you can see just how much Texas A&M really likes football.

A three deck, horseshoe design with the completion of "The Zone" over a decade ago, Kyle Field can pack over 10,000 more people in than the stated capacity. Dwarfing everything around it on campus, Kyle Field and the Aggie faithful form one of the loudest and most imposing venues in the country. Tradition states that fans will stand the entire game so they can be ready to join the team if called upon by the coach and as a result, the 12th Man is one of the most fervent and loudest group of fans in the country. There's no break at halftime either as the famous Fightin' Texas Aggie Band puts on one of the best halftime performances in the country. 


3. Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, NE capacity 81.067) There's the Red Sea and there's Nebraska's sea of red on a game day in Lincoln. Both are imposing when you see them for the first time but only one will scream at the top of their lungs while being as nice as possible to you once the play is over.

The fans that make Memorial Stadium the third-largest city in Nebraska on game day are what makes going to Lincoln special. An NCAA record streak of 311 straight sellouts (since 1962) is still ongoing and should continue well into the future based on the passion the Big Red have for their Cornhuskers. Walking up to the imposing concrete structure and looking up, past the windows, to see the 'Memorial Stadium' lettering flanked by two giant red Nebraska logos is a special sight to see. Getting there early is a must because the stadium is often full well before pre-game introductions get the crowd's juices flowing. No matter what, win or lose, the fans are some of the classiest in college football so you can come for a game at a great stadium and often feel right at home as you're walking out.



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Bobby Dodd Stadium at Georgia Tech is the oldest and winningest stadium in Division 1 Football.

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Fischer's Favorite Stadiums

Grousing about Jerry Jones stadium in Arlington seems to place the writer in the same group with Laura Miller.
Personal animus as opposed to doing what's best for Dallas characterized her tenure as mayor (along with a feudng and inept city council) and marked the change of approach that earned Dallas its former "can do city" reputation.
Instead of fussing about what Jerry or Arlington did, Dallas and the Cotton Bowl Association need to get on about the business of what can WE do now that capitalizes on a storied and great football venue. The Cowboys are gone! Get over it and movve on!
Dallas and the Cotton Bowl can do... NOW. Get busy!

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Fischer's Favorite Stadiums

yup - the Cotton Bowl is so special that SMU, the Dallas Cowboys, and even the name sake of the game "The Cotton Bowl" have all left the building and it's tradition thanks to the inept ability of the City of Dallas and then Mayor Laura Miller which with swoop of her pen could have restored the game and atmosphere to what SHOULD be the home of special games in Dallas, but instead SMU build their own on campus stadium as Gerald Ford Field, Jerry Jones built a monster in Arlington which will undoubtedly become an over-priced obsolete artifact before it's paid off by the citizenry, and the Cotton Bowl barely survives until Tx/OU head for better confines and the Dallas Classic dies the death of an insignificant bowl leaving the Cotton Bowl out of post season play.

I think of what could have been but lake of foresight again doomed Dallas which is why the major sports of Baseball and Football are out in Arlington.

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Fischer's Favorite Stadiums

I guess someone loves the B12 haha

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