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Dee Hart decommits as sharks circle Rodriguez

Posted on: January 3, 2011 10:56 am
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

The writing may not be on the wall yet for Rich Rodriguez, but by this point, the guy on the ladder with the black paintbrush in his hands may as well get to work whether Dave Brandon has told him to or not.

An utterly miserable weekend for the Wolverine head coach wrapped up yesterday with the news that the jewel of Rodriguez's 2011 recruiting class, running back Demetrius Hart, had decided to back out of his commitment to Michigan. (Though Hart maybe hasn't made it officially official yet, it's hardly any kind of a secret at this stage.) Multiple credible reports state that Hart will be pledging to Alabama instead at this week's U.S. Army All-American game.

Keep in mind that Hart isn't just the highest-ranked prospect in this year's Wolverine; he's a top-100 recruit to mutliple recruiting services (though Maxpreps' Tom Lemming is less enthused , and ranks Hart as just the No. 11 running back, behind another Michigan commit, Justice Hayes), a consensus four-star recruit, and the potential answer at a position where the Wolverines received adequate-at-best production this season. In other words, he might also have been the best, most important recruit of Rodriguez's entire tenure ... and now he's gone. (Dee-committed, we might say.)

But it wouldn't be accurate to say Hart's departure is the final nail in the coffin. More likely, it's the latest, maybe clearest sign we've gotten that that nail has already been driven in. Yesterday we saw a coach who led his team onto the field for a bowl game the night before leave for another program the very next day; if we see the same tonight and tomorrow with Jim Harbaugh, though, it won't come as nearly as much of a shock as it did with Randy Edsall.


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Dee Hart decommits as sharks circle Rodriguez

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Dee Hart decommits as sharks circle Rodriguez

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Posted on: January 5, 2011 12:45 am

Dee Hart decommits as sharks circle Rodriguez


Man, you really are stupid

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 10:43 am

Dee Hart decommits as sharks circle Rodriguez

We'll obviously have to agree to disagree.  You don't come in and make a 1-11 team, especially at a place like Stanford, a winner right away.  Obviously it will take some time to turn things around.  At least he did come in and beat a very good USC team immediately.  Rich Rod took over a 10-3 Michigan team and has a worse record than Harbaugh in his first three years, while the quality of the team during his first winning season, in year three, has more holes than swiss cheese.  And he is STILL looking for a signature win.

Stanford had one very bad half vs Oregon.  That's all they had during a 12-1 season.  One very bad half.  Not enough to convince me that Oregon's way is the only right way, and Stanford's way will never win a NC.

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 10:01 am

Dee Hart decommits as sharks circle Rodriguez

Sure, Harbaugh came to a bad program, but he didn't change the offensive philosophy, so he had kids he could use right away, and his record proves Bo was right - you need 4 years (really 4 full recruiting classes).  Harbaugh was not on the radar at 17-20.  He's had one great season (no titles) and he's suddenly everyone's darling.  He's not nearly as accomplished as RR - not even close!

Stanford looked great, and they should have.  VT was not quite that impressive this year.  They lost to James Madison and padded their record by beating up a horde of average and below average ACC teams.  They had two quality wins in absolute shootouts with NC St and Fla St, so this was not the same VT defense that we've seen in the past.  Ripe for the picking.  Stanford should have played Boise St. this year. 

Let's also not forget Harbaugh's only loss was to the same spread option offense that RR runs - a blowout, in fact - which proves RR's offense will shred the toughest Ds (with all the right personnel, of course). 

Anyway, if Harbaugh came to Michigan and went 17-20 in his first three seasons, you'd be calling for his head on a platter.  He would never make it to that 12-1 season here. 

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 9:51 am

Dee Hart decommits as sharks circle Rodriguez

I didn't know about the beef between Harbaugh and the alumni.  Now there really isn't a shot of him going to Umich.  Why would he pass up one of the NFL gigs, with one even being down the street from him San Fran, to come to Ann Arbor and overhaul Rich Rods mess?  Sure, he has done something like it before (at Stanford), but why do it?  Why leave relaxing San Fran for fanatic Ann Arbor? 

He needs to go pro like your brother, make lots of money, and bring the niners back to respectability.  Then in a couple of years, when the Bears finally figure out Lovie can't coach, head on back to the Bears...
But stay the hell out of Ann Arbor.  Its the best thing for his career.  Ask Carr or Rich Rod, its an alluring job, but not worth the headache.  

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 7:59 am

Dee Hart decommits as sharks circle Rodriguez

Why doesn't Rodriguez do the honorable thing and resign!  He hasn't earned a dime of his salary. 

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 3:42 am

Dee Hart decommits as sharks circle Rodriguez

Harbaugh took over a 1-11 STANFORD team.  Rich Rod took over a 10-3 MICHIGAN team.  There's a bit of a difference there.

And Rich Rod's first roster didn't play as many freshmen as you think.  In fact, his THIRD roster played many more freshmen. 

Believe what you want to believe.  All I know is what we saw tonight from Stanford was extremely impressive, and Michigan is no where near being able to do what Stanford did this year.  Stanford put up 40 pts on a good Va Tech team, after averaging 40 pts in the regular season, and the defense sacked an extremely mobile QB EIGHT times and gave up only 12 points (actually 10 points, since 2 was on the offense).

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 1:47 am

Dee Hart decommits as sharks circle Rodriguez

Those coaches likely came into good situations.  Check out the rosters they inherited and then look at RR's first roster - it's loaded with freshmen.  Obviously, a coach walking into a situation and winning almost immediately means he had some talent to work with out of the gate and wasn't rebuilding and revamping the program at the same time.

Still, by your measure, Harbaugh should have won something at Stanford by now.  He hasn't even won the Pac10.  In fact, he was just 17-20 coming into this season and after going 12-1, an oustanding season in his FOURTH YEAR, he's still just 29-21 at Stanford.  He's never won anything out west and suddenly he's Michigan's savior?  I don't buy it.  Harbaugh wants out of Stanford because Luck is graduating and he has no one behind him that can deliver another 12-1 season.  This is similar to Meyer having a heart attack and wanting out when he realized Tebow's 5 years were up.

RR is a similar 15-22 after three seasons here.  What made Harbaugh so much better than RR at the 3-year mark? 

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Posted on: January 3, 2011 11:57 pm

Dee Hart decommits as sharks circle Rodriguez

I think you get rid of RR now. After all, Nick Saban won 12 games his second year at Alabama, the National Chapionship and 14 games at Alabama his third and another 10 this year. He's been there for 4 seasons.

Urban Meyer went 13-1 in year 2, won a title in years 4 and 5

It took Steve Spurrier until his 2nd season to win the SEC championship

Lou Holtz took over in 1986, won the title in 1988

Bob Stoops - 2 seasons to the NC

Unless you don't want to compare Michigan to Notre Dame, Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma

I think that at this level, the schools should expect their coach to deliver, thats my 2 cents

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