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Leach makes pitch for himself as Miami candidate

Posted on: December 1, 2010 11:27 am
Edited on: December 1, 2010 11:45 am
Posted by Chip Patterson

Since his departure from Texas Tech in 2009, Mike Leach has seen his name connected with most of the semi-available jobs in the Bowl Subdivision.  But the recent opening at Miami has someone making a strong pitch for Leach as a candidate - Mike Leach.  

"[Miami] could hire me and we'd have one decade after another of success with students that graduate and don't get into trouble," Leach said to the Palm Beach Post. "...or they can hire somebody else."

Leach, who currently resides in Key West and hosts a three-hour satellite radio program on Sirius, has openly expressed interest in returning to coaching - though his name has not been listed on many of Miami's rumored wish-lists.  He interviewed for Randy Shannon's position in 2006, but the two sides reportedly could not agree on staffing issues with the assistant coaches.  Leach, now with no current employment ties, has gone out of his way to point out his successful coaching record to the people of South Florida. He did not hesitate to mention his ability to prepare players for the NFL, a Miami cornerstone of the last 10+ years.

While Leach does not have any employment ties, he does have some ongoing legal issues surrounding his dismissal from Texas Tech.  Recently, Leach filed a lawsuit against ESPN for the way they handled the reporting of his firing.  It is very possible that those legal issues could prevent Miami (or other programs) from pursuing Leach, but the former Red Raider insists that he has done nothing wrong.

Stay tuned to as the Hurricanity Insanity continues in Coral Gables.

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Posted on: December 2, 2010 1:47 pm

Leach makes pitch for himself as Miami candidate

Leach was a great coach at Texas Tech, the players loved him (except a spoiled cry baby named James), the fans loved him, and he brought innovation to the offense and winning season and bowl game every year to a team situated in the middle of nowhere.  If Miami gets him they will be very fortunate.

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Posted on: December 2, 2010 11:43 am

Seems like I remember a Cotton Bowl vs Ole Miss

where Mike Leach and the all everything Graham Harrell, Michael Crabtree, and company looked like a Sun Belt team, and the Rebels won pretty easily.  I think the year was 2008.  Also remember Leach to be the most foul-mouthed coach that I had seen on TV on the sidelines of a college football game.

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Posted on: December 2, 2010 10:49 am

Leach makes pitch for himself as Miami candidate

He is trying to get any job he can.  I just read the same thing about him wanting to be the coach at Minnesota via Star Tribune.  This guy is a punk!!!  There is a reason he is without a head coaching job!!

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Posted on: December 2, 2010 7:48 am

Leach makes pitch for himself as Miami candidate

they played texas,oklahoma and nebraska,okla state every year
please give me a college that doesnt pad the schedule, name can you fault any school for playing opposition  that dont live up to the hypeschedules are made years in advance, but when you pad it with AA schools oftenthere you have an issue.

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Posted on: December 2, 2010 7:20 am

Leach makes pitch for himself as Miami candidate

Before Leach,

Spike Dykes used to go schedule games with Teams like Tennessee, Penn State, Ohio State, etc.  But the problem was, none of them would ever come to Lubbock and recriprocate.  Therefore, Mike Leach wanted to generate local revenue so he scheduled teams that would play one-one home away series.  When the 12th game became a fixture, he scheduled 1 FCS team just like everybody else.  But also, Teams Flat out became scared to come to Lubbock.  Back on '04, we had a one-one series scheduled with top 10 Louisville, but Petrino was too scared to do it, and he backed out at the last minute.  Therefore, we were left scrambling and the only team availabe to fill the schedule was Indiana State.

It's not so much that we didn't try to get better teams, but after beating Ole Miss two years in a row, smashing Clemson and Cal and other teams in bowl games....schools simply trembled with fear to come play in Lubbock.  That's pretty much the real story friend.  But the smaller schools would always come for money.

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Posted on: December 2, 2010 12:27 am

Leach makes pitch for himself as Miami candidate

If my research is right, and I think it to be, Texas Tech hasn't played a regular season non-conference game against a BCS team since 2003.  It seems alot easier to me to get to bowl games when you pad your with cupcakes.  I mean 4 non-conf cupcake games, Baylor, and 3 games against the North, how could you not make a bowl every year.
That said, Leach is probably a really good coach and did the best he could.  More of a knock on the program than the coach.  He and Mark Mangino should work together.

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Posted on: December 1, 2010 11:07 pm

Leach makes pitch for himself as Miami candidate

These "googy" lawsuits are going to expose the truth and Leach will be paid what he is worth and his name will be cleared.

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Posted on: December 1, 2010 11:02 pm

Leach makes pitch for himself as Miami candidate

Pirate Leach would be a great hire for the 'Canes, unless you factor in the fact that the Mother Ship(ESPN) would never televise any Miami games. On the other hand, having Craig James do a pre-game interview with the nut  would be must-see TV. I'm positive that all these goofy lawsuits filed by Leach's attornies will sit well with schools that are looking seriously @ this clown. In reality, the only 2 programs that would take a flier on this wacko would be universities that are completely in disarray.(Minnesota,New Mexico)

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Posted on: December 1, 2010 11:02 pm

Leach makes pitch for himself as Miami candidate

"Truthfully, nobody who is deeply serious about the persona of their football program would ever hire Leach.  The man has burned about every bridge that spans the gap between common sense and all-out stupidity"

Yes, that statement above is GARBAGE!  Explain to me how Leach burned bridges?  He was accused of something he didn't do, then was threatened that if he didn't apologize, Craig James would sue TTU, or he would be fired.  So what did he do?  He didn't admit being guilty of something he didn't do.  In other words he held true to his honor and integrity.  I know buddy, this might be hard for many to understand.  It is rare that people stand up for what is right in this world. But Mike Leach is a man with integrity.  Why should he have to bow down to a bunch of politicians when he has always been innocent from the beginning. (there is a mountain of evidence backing this claim)

I respect opinions don't get me wrong, but opinions based on a set of lies don't make sense.  Here's an opinion for you:  Hillary Clinton was the worst president the US ever had!  Hey don't get mad, maybe you like her, but it is just my opinion.

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Posted on: December 1, 2010 10:53 pm

Leach makes pitch for himself as Miami candidate

I agree, Leech's offense with that much Florida talent would dominate the ACC. I hope he gets the job and stuffs it in the face of craig james and ESPN.

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