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Report: Cam Newton in scandals at UF (UPDATED)

Posted on: November 9, 2010 2:52 am
Edited on: November 9, 2010 3:17 pm
Posted by Adam Jacobi

It seemed virtually impossible after last week, but somehow, the news surrounding Cam Newton 's pre-Auburn years seems to have gotten worse. According to a Fox Sports report, Newton was allegedly involved in multiple academic cheating controversies while enrolled at Florida before he transferred to Blinn Junior College in 2008. The allegations are of a very serious nature, the type that often results in suspension and expulsion from a university. There are three incidents in question here, and it's awfully telling that the least serious of the three is that Newton purchased a term paper online, apparently unaware that professors know how to use the Internet.

We're not going to be able to ascertain the truthfulness of these reports, so we'll just reiterate that they're apparently based solely on the one source that Fox Sports cites in their report. We'll just point out that it's abundantly clear that Fox's source for this scandal is Florida-based; it's not as if some line cook in Tuscaloosa can claim "knowledge of the situation" where it concerns academic matters at the University of Florida, after all. And it's that Florida connection that only intensifies rumors that lingered the first time around that Urban Meyer (or someone in his camp) was responsible for the initial leak of the Newton investigation in the first place .

After all, this revelation serves no actual purpose where the rest of this football season is concerned; Newton's not about to be declared ineligible over allegations that occurred at a different school years ago. The fact remains that there have been no such allegations about Newton since his time at Florida, and it's not as if every single professor at Auburn is under the athletic department's thumb. Go ahead, tell a random professor at any school that he has to edit his gradebook in a football player's favor. See what happens.

So if this report won't affect Newton's eligibility anywhere but at Florida, what purpose does it actually serve? If Newton's eligibility were on trial and in front of a judge, this report would be immediately thrown out over relevance. Cam Newton is an Auburn student whose academic bona fides are, at this time, not in question. Whether he left Florida facing problems down the road is Auburn's problem insofar as the school should be on the lookout for further shenanigans. Past that, this comes off far more as a grade-level psy-ops campaign from Gainesville than anything the NCAA, SEC, or Heisman voters should be aware of.

(UPDATE: According to, multiple sources inside the Florida academic discipline system strongly dispute Evans' report.)

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Posted on: December 22, 2010 10:31 am

Report: Cam Newton in scandals at UF (UPDATED)

From all accounts, he can stay another year and NOT forego millions of dollars.  Auburn appears to be the 2010's answer to the 80's SMU "booster club"!

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Posted on: November 11, 2010 8:30 pm

Report: Cam Newton in scandals at UF (UPDATED)

Don't get too comfy with Saban. He left Michigan State, LSU, and the Dolphins after short stints. He's going to get the 3 year itch and he'll leave Alabama very soon too.

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Posted on: November 11, 2010 5:36 pm

Report: Cam Newton in scandals at UF (UPDATED)

Why bring Saban into this? You are way off base for even mentioning him in your last sentence. I want Auburn to beat Florida too, if they play in Atlanta, but to bring up the name of Alabama's coach, makes no sense at all. What scheme did Saban have? He accepted the Alabama job after he changed his mind and left the Dolphins (even though he said he wouldn't leave)? Doesn't he have the right to do that? Have you ever said you weren't going to do something and then changed your mind and did it. Why of course you have. Everybody has. By the way, I agree with you about the two weasels, Meyer and Mullen.

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Posted on: November 11, 2010 2:01 pm

Report: Cam Newton in scandals at UF (UPDATED)

I love all the self-righteous Auburn Newtoneers, bashing UF and Meyer and calling UF a dirty program out of jealousy because you haven't won a national title in forever and Florida has won three since 1996 and two in the last four years.

First, Auburn didn't care that Newton stole at Florida. And it may turn out Auburn was even willing to pay Newton. So seriously Auburn fans, take a good look in the mirror before you talk about anyone else's program. And for those of you with short memories, he's some of the proud Auburn tradition of cheating and paying players..... Enjoy!!!

Auburn was awarded the title of 8th dirtiest program in the country in the 2007 article ranking the top 10 dirtiest programs. Florida was not even ranked, although Alabama and Kentucy were in the top 10 with Auburn.

"Probation" is not an unfamiliar word on the Plains. Auburn's N.C.A.A. infractions history includes seven major infractions cases in the last 50 years.

Auburn was held responsible for and .

In the latter instance, the N.C.A.A. imposed punishments upon the Auburn athletic department just as Terry Bowden was about to begin his first season as the Tigers' head coach. Following his subsequent resignation under fire, .

Terry Bowden was taped making incriminating statements about Auburn's recruiting practices.

The most recent instance of wrongdoing on the Plains occurred when . The N.C.A.A. news release announcing the latest penalties against the Plainsmen stated that, during the probationary period from April 2004 to April 2006, "the university shall continue to develop and implement a comprehensive educational program on NCAA legislation and submit periodic reports to the NCAA," including "a preliminary report that sets forth a schedule for establishing this compliance and educational program."

The Cam Newton saga, if true (and where there's smoke there's fire), is just one more example of Auburn's history of cheating and paying players....

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Posted on: November 10, 2010 6:13 pm

Report: Cam Newton in scandals at UF (UPDATED)

You nailed it, xz1themaster! I've been telling colleagues at work all week that if Florida had lost to Georgia none of this would have seen the light of day. Meyer is desperate to get the heat off him in Gainesville that he will stop at nothing to salvage the season.
How does he salvage the season? Win out to the SEC title game and get Cam either ineligible or create so much turmoil on the Auburn team that he has a shot at a win. 
If we get to Atlanta, I want Auburn to beat UF 80-0 and score the last touchdown with 2 seconds left in the game on an 85 yard flanker reverse pass from Newton lined up as a receiver!
I thought Nick Satan, oops, Saban was the most diabolical schemer in the SEC until this came out, but Meyer takes the cake, along with his henchman Mullen.

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Posted on: November 10, 2010 2:08 pm

Report: Cam Newton in scandals at UF (UPDATED)

I'm not sure who believes that Newton would stay in college for another year, but I'd like to have some of what you're smoking. After the performance he put up this year, why would he stay in college an forgo millions of dollars (when he and his family just want to get paid)? If he goes pro not only does he earn guaranteed millions, he doesn't have to put up with the NCAA or its investigations anymore.

Write this down, Cam Newton goes pro after this season, period.....

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Posted on: November 9, 2010 8:47 pm

Report: Cam Newton in scandals at UF (UPDATED)

This has UF's, Jeremy Foley's, and Urban Meyer's fingerprints all over it.  It's simple projection--Florida is a filthy, stinking, corrupt athletic program, so they see corruption everywhere else.  They send the NCAA and the media more "dirt" on players who a) rejected them in the recruiting process, or b) transferred from Florida and succeeded elsewhere than the rest of the SEC combined.  Phil Fulmer got a bad rap for being a "rat" when the truth is the entire UF athletic program is a hundred times worse.

Plus, it truly galls Urban "Christ Complex" Meyer that somebody else is getting the spotlight that he believes is his birthright.  Florida is having a relatively bad year, an ex-Gator is on track to win both the Heisman and the national championship, and he simply cannot stand it.  It's the "health scare" drama all over again.

Meyer and most UF fans truly believe that when the convicts and thugs they recruit walk onto the Gainesville campus, they all become Eagle Scouts; and when they leave, they're ruffians again.  They're that delusional. 

What a low-life Urban Meyer is.  Maybe someday somebody in the national media will have the guts to expose him for what he is.

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Posted on: November 9, 2010 7:51 pm

Report: Cam Newton in scandals at UF (UPDATED)

And SoonerMagic, you just proved that you can have no knowledge of a subject and post an uneducated reply......

The NCAA got involved with FSU because there was widespread cheating involving the FSU athletic dept... Improper help, etc that involved 61 athletes... This is ALLEGED cheating(that is now being disputed by Florida sources) by ONE player...  That might have slipped by you as you type your reply...   So let me breakdown for you... 61 is a lot more than ONE...

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Posted on: November 9, 2010 6:44 pm

Report: Cam Newton in scandals at UF (UPDATED)

Newton is almost inarguablly the best player in the semi-pro division college football today. He is eligible and likely going to finish out the season stong. However, if the members of the New York Athletic Club really want to stand by their creedo:

"The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player who's performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity. Winners epotimize great ability combined with diligence, preserverance and hard work. The Heisman Trophy Trust ensures the continuation and integrity of this award."

Then he is not the best canidate for the Heisman. The Reggie Bush debacle should reinforce to the voter that this Trophy is about more than being a great football player. It is being an exceptional football player. I know, I know, Cam hasn't been found to have certainly cheated or shopped his services for cash but at this point there is simply too much smoke not to think there is not some fire somewhere. The Heisman voters don't have to prove innocence beyond a doubt, but they should want a level of integrity in their recpient that Cam Newton does not appear to possess.

So anyone that gets accused of something should be ineligible to win the Heisman trophy?

And anyone that cheated on a test or paper 2 years ago when they were fresh out of high school should be ineligible to win the Heisman trophy?

Jeez. This is turning into an election. Next thing you know, we'll have players doing commercials talking about how the other candidates have been lying to us and don't deserve our votes.

Till proven guilty, Cam Newton for Heisman.

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Posted on: November 9, 2010 6:12 pm

Desperate Men Do Desperate Things

;      Urban Meyer has denied that he leaked this story. But i understand that this is the second X gator that meyer has leaked stories about. In my eyes its real simple. Several years ago meyer and the gators were on top of the world. Enter Saban. Last December in Atlanta started Meyers troubles. Watching  and looking like a confused man that could do nothing about it his team was not beat but dismantled and beat down by Bama. He returned to Gainesville to act like a person that had run out of their prozac. He jumped out of bed that night, sits in the floor crying, and telling his wife he was dying. It was not his heart. But it was the start of his troubles. He resigned. Then the next day he unresigned then took a leave. His players seeing the ship was on fire all jumped ship and headed to the pros except that one ol. Then he loses he best coach in Charlie Strong. Then the year started with high hopes. Near mid season he kicks off a player for sending a text to his x girl friend, stating that he had a daughter that he LOVED and wouldn't want her treated that way. But then after back to back to back loses he pulls out all stop to beat UGA even bringing back his bad boy that had sent the threat text. It was a good thing without Rainey the THUG the gators lose to UGA. Now thinking that he will beat USC and maybe face Auburn in the SEC championshp game. This report comes out. I dont know if Cam Newton cheated. But if he cheated ? He should have kicked out of the UF for cheating. If this is Meyer ploy it back fired. It showed that as long as Newton was a gator that Meyer would keep these cheating allegations in house. But now that he thinks he will face Auburn. He is trying to destroy Newton. I think these along with his other actions shows that Meyer is ok as long as he is on top. But he is falling down the food chain in the SEC. I think jones will offer him the job as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys and with the heat in the SEC i think he will take the job after the season. He has proven he is a desperate man and that he will take desprate actions.

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