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Tim Brewster needs more money to win

Posted on: September 16, 2010 3:46 pm
Edited on: September 16, 2010 3:50 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

We've already gone over some of the very unfortunate circumstances surrounding the Minnesota football program earlier today, but the Gophers' problems aren't limited to their collective health off the field.  While the importance of winning football games pales in comparison to the importance of Connor Cosgrove winning his fight against leukemia, it's still something Tim Brewster would like to do.

Which is what Brewster is supposedly in Minneapolis to do, but truth be told, he wouldn't mind seeing the school that just gave him a contract extension and built him a brand new stadium that cost nearly $300 million put a little more money into the football program.

Minnesota's athletic department "is spending enough money on football for me to win football games," Gophers coach Tim Brewster said Tuesday. But that doesn't mean he believes the football budget is large enough.

"We need to spend more money on football and basketball. That's a fact," Brewster said in response to a question about published reports that rank the Gophers last in the Big Ten in football spending. "I've talked at length to [athletic director Joel Maturi] about what we need to do to help take our football program forward. He understands we need to put more money into the football program. ... If we want to have championship success, we've got to get more involved with helping the football program."

While Brewster is correct in saying that if Minnesota ever wants to be a championship contender they're going to need to put more money into the program, I do believe the $288 million they spent on TCF Bank Stadium is a pretty nice start.  Also, maybe I'm crazy here, but if I'm Tim Brewster and my team is coming off a loss to South Dakota after narrowly escaping Middle Tennessee State, I don't know if I'm coming out talking about how I need more money.

Especially when it's pretty clear what Gophers fans think of me.

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