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Urban Meyer talks about Chris Rainey

Posted on: September 15, 2010 2:12 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

After news broke on Tuesday about Florida wide receiver Chris Gainey 's run-in with the law following a rather ominous text to his lady friend -- though "TIME TO DIE" may have been a reference to a spider he'd found in his home -- offensive coordinator Steve Addazio took some time off from yelling "halfback dive" to explain that Rainey was "no longer part of the team."   What he didn't do was expand on whether that was a permanent vacation for Rainey, or whether or not he'd be back at some point in the future.

That decision belongs to Urban Meyer , and on Wednesday Meyer addressed the situation publicly for the first time.  Though he doesn't seem all that sure of what Rainey's status with the Gators will be in the future either.

"I can't do that (give timetable) because I don't know,'' he said. "He's not with the team. It's just further evaluation as we go. As of the immediacy of it, he's not with us.''

So it sounds as if Meyer is content to let the police figure out the matter before making a final call on Rainey.  Which is probably the right thing to do, though Rainey has admitted to sending the text message. 

Whatever Meyer decides to do in the future he'll have a lot of precedents to fall back on while making his decision.  After all, this incident does mark the thirtieth time one of Meyer's players has been arrested since he came to Gainesville.  That's one arrest for just about every two of Meyer's 59 career wins at Florida.

One decision Meyer was able to make is that Omarius Hines will take Rainey's spot in the starting lineup this weekend against Tennessee.

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Since: Jan 21, 2010
Posted on: September 16, 2010 1:40 pm

Urban Meyer talks about Chris Rainey

He has been dismissed from the team, meaning he is not with them.  This just happened like a few days ago.  Spurrier kicked his player to the curb after weeks of investigating, so you are wrong there.  and you are wrong referring to Mark Richt, because, um, isn't A.J. Green still on the team?  By the way, how can you judge what "time do die" means from a text.  It didn't say "Time for YOU to die," it just said "time to die," and it was after he and his girl had a fight, so that message couldve had suicidal implications.  All Urban is doing is waiting until all the facts are gathered, then making a decision, just like USC and UGA coaches do.   And you wanna say Florida is the new THUG U??? Um, how bout you do a little research and see how many players UGA has had off the field trouble with. 

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Posted on: September 15, 2010 8:33 pm

Urban Meyer talks about Chris Rainey

I coud care less if this thug broke the law in the sate of Florida by sending the text. Thats is one of the differences between meyer and other coaches like the coaches at UGA & USC. Today the old ball coach cut lose a problem child player that was projected the second te in the next draft by Mel Kiper, that broke no laws in the state of South Carolina. Put him in the road. Had this been a UGA player a christian coach like Mark would not care if his player broke the law or not. Mark would have put this thug in the road. Yes meyer wins games. But meyer's players have stolen the THUG U sign from Miami. IF you gator fans want to win so bad that you are willing to defend a player that sent a text to his x-girl friend saying its time to die. Then you are living a sad life if winning means that much to you. Some gator fans have defended this thug saying he didn't mean it. It comes down to one thing. Either meyer doesn't care or he has no control. Look at Mr Saban. Do we hear of his playing telling people its time to die. Saban has control. Which is it. Does meyer not care or do the inmates run the jail?

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