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Miami football now a Tweet-free zone

Posted on: September 14, 2010 7:22 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

Last week we were able to take a glimpse into the unique fashion stylings of one Mr. Jacory Harris .  Harris' choice of Oakland Raiders overalls may not ever find a place in your closet, but as the quarterback said, "I'm me!"  Of course, those of us who don't live in Coral Gables only got the chance to witness Jacory being Jacory because he posted the picture on his Twitter page.

We'll no longer have that chance.

On Tuesday the University of Miami announced that they'll no longer be allowing their players to have Twitter accounts, and ironically enough, made the announcement on Twitter.   The Canes aren't the first school to take such an action as Chris Peterson 's Boise State Broncos aren't allowed to share their 140-character thoughts with the world either.

Which is a shame, really.

I don't quite get what the problem is with Twitter.  Why shouldn't these students be allowed to talk with other people via the internet?  The schools are worried about possible "distractions" that could be caused by the latest fad in social media, but really, if your starting quarterback tweets that he's out late the night before a game partying, what's the bigger problem?

The fact that he told people about it, or the fact he was out drinking the night before a game?

You're basically just shooting the messenger in this case.

Honestly, if I were a coach, i'd want my players to be using Twitter.  It'd serve as another vehicle for me to keep my eyes on them, and one that the NCAA hasn't gotten around to putting limitations on either.  Oh, and speaking of Twitter, you really should give us a follow .  Following us will not only keep you informed of all the latest in college football, but it'll also make you a better person.
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